Friday, October 22, 2010

ESPN Interview Kerry Getz

Just found this interview with Kerry Getz done by Chris Nieratko on ESPN... I pulled out the last 2 questions:

My last question is, how come Kyle Nicholson didn't get on Habit and he ended up on Selfish Skateboards?
I don't know, man. Skateboarding is a critical thing and Habitat is a tough company to get on and they pick and choose. I don't even want to talk about that ... it sucks.

But we can agree that Kyle rips, right?
I agree that he should be on Habitat. He is one of the best East Coast skateboarders right now and in the entire world. He rips and he just turned 21 and he can outskate almost anybody I've ever seen. The kid is unbelievable. He can skate everything and kill it. I really wish that Habitat would have done something with him and gave him a chance to get out there.

Click here to follow the link on ESPN